Valve Body Repair

The valve body is the control center of the automatic transmission. It contains a maze of channels and passages that direct hydraulic fluid to the numerous valves which then activate the appropriate clutch pack or band servo to smoothly shift to the appropriate gear for each driving situation.

Most of the new transmissions contain valve body which is working together with a mechatronic unit, which makes it easier to diagnose, but more difficult to repair.

M&D Auto offers you valve body repairs of any type.

The valve body in the automatic transmission is a very sensitive unit, which requires the necessary testing equipment and professional knowledge, so it could be repaired correctly.

We can offer you valve body repair, ensuring that our team is highly qualified to solve any problem in your valve body. We use the most recent and innovative testing software for outstanding acquisition controller and the most effective repair solutions.


Valve Body Diagnostics and Calibration

The Hydra Test system is made to be used either manually or automatically.

These machines allow us running a series of tests checking the performance of a malfunctioning Valve Body at various gears and pressure inputs. If put simply, they emulate transmission performance of a driven vehicle.

By running a used Valve Body through a set of carefully elaborated steps and reading outputs the system makes a graphic that is compared to the one taken from an original new Valve Body of the same model. This comparison makes it possible for our Valve Body Rebuilders to determine the exact source of the problems - be it a damaged solenoid, a worn-out channel or plunger. Vacuum testing of valve body comes to an end when you have such tools in your hand.

We have a number of repair kits and we can recycle valve bodies for: GM-5L40E; ASIN WARNER-55-50SN, 55-51, AF40-TF80, TF-81; VW-09G, 09K, 09D: MERCEDES-722.6, 722.9: ZF: 6HP19/21/26/28/32: JF506.


In 2015 we have equipped our workshop with a second tester – E-zee-shift, which allows us to test the valve body together with its electronic unit (the mechatronic).

This machine offers our clients 100% problem solving and help us repair the generation valve bodies.

The tester is based on its previous version but offers even more accurate diagnostic and graphics, which help us get to the bottom of the problem and be able to solve it.








Latest Generation Software

HTC-K software is the most recent version and shows excellent results in the automatic transmissions rebuild for European and Asian brands.

For example, the 6HP (6 Speed ZF transmission) and the 09G (6 speed Aisin Warner transmission), as well as the so common 5L40 (General Motors).

HTC-K does not only allow us to test valve bodies and put them in real working conditions but it also allows us to test the solenoids separately and provides for its calibration.

All of the above is crucial to the correct valve body repair and our highly trained specialists and engineers have been working for 7 years on delivering the most efficient valve body repair service.

We are equipped with different software versions (Vbdaq+, HTC-K, E-Zee-Shift), and each one of them is specialized in different valve body manufacturer.

Оur staff will be happy to answer all of your questions