Valve Body Tester

Valve body diagnostics and calibration

The Hydra Test system is made to be used either manually or automatically. This universal system allows testing of valve bodies from different manufacturers. The tester simulates how the valve body works in realistic working conditions. Using digital parameters and adjusting the oil pressure system, the indicators offer the most accurate date needed for calibrating the valve body.

We have a number of repair kits and we can recycle valve bodies for: GM-5L40E; ASIN WARNER-55-50SN, 55-51, AF40-TF80, TF-81; VW-09G, 09K, 09D: MERCEDES-722.6, 722.9: ZF: 6HP19/21/26/28/32: JF506

Oil Changing Machine

We can fully change the oil in an automatic gearbox by means of displacement and circulation using specialized equipment that allows for it to be replaced in every part of the gearbox, including the torque converter. This method enables the full changing of the oil as well as cleaning out the cooling system of the transmission.

Changing the oil is possible only if your gearbox has a special drain plug. Whether or not your transmission has one can be determined in our workshop