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  • Varna: 0899136644, 052 599530; Sofia: 0888852289

Who are we?

M&D Auto Ltd. has many years’ worth of experience in the automotive industry. More than seven years ago the company started focusing exclusively on repairing automatic transmissions.

  • In 2001 M&D Auto built and equipped its auto center with a service area, a warehouse, and an office.
  • After many years in the automotive industry the firm started focusing exclusively on repairing automatic transmissions.



We work with the most recent automatic transmissions diagnostic tools which help us recognize any problem in the transmission for any vehicle producer. We invest heavily in this diagnostic equipment and software to ensure we are always on the cutting edge. As well as computer test, we offer our clients a Test drive diagnostic which helps us diagnose automatic transmissions issues rapidly and precisely while in real working conditions. Providing full diagnostics, we can investigate a transmission in depth allowing us to gain an inside view and detect faults electronically in no time so we can provide accurate and quick repairs.

Book your Automatic transmissions Diagnostics by calling us on: 0899136644 or 052 599530

MiD Auto is direct importer of spare parts from the leading producers on the market. We aim to offer the best to our customers so we do not compromise on the quality of our spare parts or repairs. We are dealers of spare parts from the following producers: Sonnax, Alto, Transtar, Raybestos and others. We guarantee the big stock, high quality of products and services on very competitive prices.

We have been providing quality automatic gearbox repairs with a team of highly experienced automatic transmission specialists. We offer full repair of any automatic transmission just in a few days as we have a big range of stock and an entire remanufacturing equipment, so we are able full automatic transmission repair to the point it becomes like a new one. The process consists of many different steps and the price depends on the problem of the automatic transmission and its warn inside. We can make a price offer after we make full diagnostics.

We own an exclusive torque converter repair machinery line (7 machines). We can remanufacture any torque converter type including the ZF and DPO in one day. The prices depend on the type and the warn inside the converter.

We offer TCM repair for the following automatic transmissions: Mercedes 722.8, 722.9, Toyota U140, Audi 01J

MiD Auto offers its clients full and partial transmission oil change.

MiD Auto offers transfer case repair for Mercedes and BMW.

We are able to repair valve body of any type to its original parameters.

Why Choose Us

More than 25 years’ experience in the industry and we have never compromised with the quality of our work and our services.

We have a team of highly experienced automatic transmission specialists. We invest in training and seminars each year in the USA, Germany, Netherlands, UK and Russia, to ensure we are at the cutting edge.

We are direct importer and exclusive distributor of spare parts from the leading producers on the market.

What do our customers think?

  • I’ve been a customer for more than 5 years and the incredible level of professionalism and quality is unmatched by any other company I’ve seen so far.
    Ivan Petrov,
  • As a client of M&D Auto, I discovered that it’s indeed possible for a Bulgarian company to offer a quality service and to have a responsible attitude. The company is profiled.
    Petur Mitov,
  • When it comes to pricing and quality M&D Auto sure can deliver.
    Milena Ivanova,

If you have any questions regarding sales or automatic transmission repair, please do not hesitate to contact us!